What is The Link?

Our Mission

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty through encouragement, education, and employability training.

  • An Overview

    The Link of Cullman County is a faith-based non-profit that is working to break the cycle of poverty through encouragement, education, and employability training.  We accomplish our mission through a variety of programs and services. You can learn more about those by going to LINK SERVICES.

  • What We Believe

    Our beliefs are as follows:

    We believe in God’s love. All people are valued and loved by God, and it is our joy to serve them and our God. It is through God’s love that lives will be changed two by two.

    We believe in the power of synergy. When people with a common vision work together to solve the challenges faced by our community, we can create a synergy not obtainable while working solo.

    We believe in progress. Progress is measure, not by how perfect we are, but by the positive, sustainable evidence of the quality of life of the members we serve.

    We believe in Cullman. We want to embrace the past, present, and future traditions and values of our community. There are consistent opportunities for people to join together behind a cause to transform lives and improve the place where we live.

    We believe in service. We want to serve those who serve others in our community and beyond. We believe that neighbors can help neighbors through the example of Jesus Christ. It is through his example that we can learn how to serve and love others.

  • How We Get There

    We’ll work toward our vision using several strategies:

    When someone stops by to see us, we have them fill out a Getting to Know You form and we ask a very simple question…What is your dream? 

    We then strategize with them on how that dream can be accomplished by setting goals that can move them in the direction of their dream. Sometimes people need some extra support in getting to their dreams. That support may be in the form of a job, furthering their education, or learning how to manage their money well.

    At The Link Center we will refer people to local resources where we are unable to help and set up an appointment with a Career Coach or a financial counselor. We can help with GED classes or setting up an adult with a coach that can help them learn basic reading and writing skills. We provide English as a Second Language classes for those who are not natives to the US.

    Outside of The Link Center we provide financial literacy classes to our local teens through our high schools, foster care residential facilities, and Teen GED classes through Wallace State.

    We are also the host group for our community partners (non-profits, ministries,and agencies) once a month to discuss how to maximize our resources and address barriers to those in poverty in our local community. We strongly believe that if we work together we, as a community, can provide the support and assistance that is needed to meet the needs of our neighbors.