Family programs

Supervised Visitation

When families live in separate houses, sometimes there is a need for an outside source to help facilitate visitation for a parent. The Link offers Supervised Visitation to help bridge the gap that sometimes occurs when children live with someone other than those who fill the parent role. We have trained monitors who can provide the oversight and protection needed to help re-establish parent and child connection.

Family programs

Active Parenting

The First Five Years

A complete course to address basic skills for new parents and caregivers.

Active Parenting Kids

A comprehensive parenting program helping parents of kids ages 5 to 12 raise responsible, cooperative children who are able to resist negative peer pressure and thrive.

Parenting Journey with Teens

A comprehensive program to help parents through the often tumultuous years of 11-16. Each session also shows parents how to handle sensitive issues such as drugs, sexuality, and violence.

Positive Co-Parenting

This program helps separating parents shield their children from parental conflicts that can arise from separation/divorce. Our goal is to promote positive co-parenting/blended family to help each member of the family learn to work together to raise children by teaching powerful communication techniques and negotiating skills that are positive. Over 8 sessions (16 to 20 hours), parents learn to guide their children through the process of recovery and healing while establishing a cooperative long-term relationship with the other parent.

Family programs

The Fatherhood Initiative

We offer a nationally recognized father-specific curriculum to help dads, even those who might not live in the home with their children, step into their role with confidence. We appreciate the difficulties that co-parenting can bring and offer a mom-specific component too.