Some heroes don’t wear capes.

Some push pencils. Some wipe noses. Some just listen.
But they are everyday heroes, nonetheless.
And their challenge is that the world just keeps messing itself up. We need more heroes.

Just like you.

Our neighbors are hurting.
Poverty is devastating.
Families are being torn apart.




You can change that…. right now. Today.
You can provide:

….a teen with financial education that he can share with his parents
…a mentor for an elementary-aged child to help them pass to the next grade.
anger management to an adult so they will be able to better at coping with stressors at work.
career counseling available to a father so he can better provide for his family.
…a mom the tools she needs to overcome addiction to return to school, reconcile with her family, and maintain work.


All it takes for you to be an everyday hero is $.62 a day. Would you consider a sacrifice of $19.40 for a month’s worth of life-changing support for a neighbor who desperately needs it?

To you it is pocket change.
To them it’s survival.

See how easy it is to be an everyday hero?

Don your super cape and join forces with us as we battle against the effects of poverty, empowering 500 people before the end of 2017 to overcome the odds.

All it takes is $.62 from everyday heroes,
just like you.

THIS JUST IN…. One of our everyday heroes just got word that we were encouraging people this giving season to sponsor 500 people. He was so excited he wanted to challenge you to strap on your capes and become a GIVING HERO!